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A HallWay production in association with Y2D Productions.

Jeffrey Hall – Concept, Director
Gregg Parks - Producer / Creative Producer
Marilène Bastien - Costume Design
Daniel Cola - Acrobatic Design
Randy Gonzalez & 4U2C - Video Design
Anick La Bissonnière – Set Design
Gilles Lacroix - Acrobatic Design
Alain Lortie - Lighting Design

Nadine Louis
Charles-Éric Bouchard
Spencer Craig
Bailey Eng
Simon Fournier
Laura Lippert
Nadine Louis
Marie-Maude Sabourin-Laflamme
Olivier Sylvestre
Marie-Élaine Thibert


In 2002, Jeffrey Hall suffered a five-meter drop in rehearsal that landed him in hospital for 3 months followed by a long convalescence that isolated him in his apartment. His movement severely limited, he began observing the going’s on in the alley behind his home as a distraction. However, as time passed his alleyway observations became an inspiration and Ruelle, the show, was born.



The back alley is the place where everything is possible, and anything can happen. The first games; the first perilous ride on a bicycle; the first shy kiss on a spiral staircase; the first cigarette secretly smoked behind the fence; an overnight getaway while parents sleep in the house; the crazy waltz of furniture and household objects being moved on July 1st.

The alley is open to all but, conceals hidden secrets behind drawn curtains and dark windows. A cry in the night, a crash of broken glass, the fragments of a mystery that we are trying to solve from afar. Adventures in our own backyard.