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Daniel Brière – Director
Tobias Wegner – Original Performer / Idea
Gregg Parks – Creative Producer
Flavia Hevia – Set and Lighting
Heiko Kalmbach – Video
Ingo Panke – Animation
Heather MacCrimmon – Costumes

William Bonnet
Julian Schulz
Tobias Wegner



LEO is a mind-bending, funny, surreal, and surprisingly touching work that challenges the senses and tests perceptions of reality through the clever interplay of live performance and video projection. LEO leaves audience members wondering which way is up.

LEO has won several major awards and the world’s most popular arts festivals including the Best of Edinburgh Award, the Three Weeks Editors Award, the Scotsman Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the John Chataway Award for Innovation at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, to name but a few.

LEO has dazzled audiences and critics from New York to Berlin, from Melbourne to Hong Kong with stops in Montréal, Moscow and London along the way. LEO has been presented over 900 times in more than 35 countries and continues to tour all around the world.


LEO is the unusual journey of an otherwise ordinary man whose world becomes physically unhinged.

When we discover LEO, he is alone with just a small suitcase, whiling away time in a simple room. As time passes LEO becomes increasingly aware that all may not be what it seems in his world.

As his awareness grows LEO's reaction to his situation evolves from alarm and insecurity to curiosity and eventually to playfulness. LEO not only begins to enjoy his situation but finds new and ingenious ways to exploit it.

LEO exhausts himself playing within his new reality until he again realizes that he is alone. Then LEO's suitcase offers him a new, totally unexpected, way to make himself comfortable and at home.

This path leads LEO to new unexpected adventures through worlds both ephemeral and imaginary until he finds himself, once again, simply alone.

With his confidence now shaken, LEO begins to accept that he needs to break the bonds of his confinement, this room holding him hostage. In his search for release LEO not only calls on all that has gone on before but enlists the aide of a most unlikely ally - himself.

Having explored his dreams and desires and exercised his lust for life, LEO's final odyssey is the most important of all the quest for freedom.
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Presented over 900 times
in more than 35 countries
and it continues to tour the world.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award
The Three Weeks Editors’ Award
The Scotsman Fringe First Award

Adelaide Fringe Festival

• The Adelaide Critics Circle Award •
• The Adelaide Fringe Award •
• The John Chattaway Award for Innovation •
• Nomination - Banksa Award for Best Theatre Production •
• Nomination - Tobias Wegner, Banksa Award for Best Performance •
• Nomination - Banksa Award for the Best of Festival •

Kremnické Gagy Festival

• The Golden Gander Award •
• The Kremnické Festival Grand Prize •