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A Knitting Needles Production in association with Y2D Productions.

Nadine Louis – Concept, Original Knit creations
Anna Ward - Concept, Original Knit creations
Daniel Brière – Director
Gregg Parks (Y2D Productions) - Creative Producer
Evelyne de la Chenelière – Dramaturge
Nicolas Descôteaux - Lighting Designer
Flavia Hevia - Stage manager

Nadine Louis
Anna Ward
Élise Boileau
Susan Paulson
Jeanne Peylet
Anna Vigeland


For years, circus artists Nadine Louis and Anna Ward traveled the world performing with companies such as Cirque du Soleil, the 7 fingers and Cirque Éloize. Sharing a passion for creating oversized and extravagant knitted creations, which are arguably works of art in their own right, they knitted a variety of them and dreamed of integrating the knits into a show featuring their enormous visual power.



From one evocative creature to another a strange, yet strangely familiar, universe silently unfolds. Through a series of astonishing metamorphoses, extraordinary images draw a vast moving fresco in perpetual transformation. Before our eyes the giant knits become a matrix of infinite possibilities.